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Architectural Clients

Projects to be added soon to our web site:

Elam Residence (formally Werner), Woodside, CA
Keating Residence, Alameda, CA
Dillulo Residence, Los Gatos, CA
Aoolebaum Residence, Los Altos, CA
Byun-Park Residence (under construction), Los Altos, CA
Future Dressel Residence, Woodside, CA
Lasky-Barajas Residence, Woodside, CA
Hurlbut Residence, Woodside, CA
Ross Residence, Ross, CA
Dressel Barn, Woodside, CA
Rosland Residence, Menlo Park, CA
McCauley Residence (under construction), Woodside, CA
Hanshaw Residence, Oakland, CA
Scoggins Residence (under construction), Piedmont, CA
Eliason Residence, Orinda, CA
Shaw Residence, Woodside, CA
Hogen Residence, Orinda, CA
Ferry Residence, Healdsburg, CA
Petterson Residence, Sebastopol, CA
Irvine Residence, Davis, CA
Bergin Residence, Morgan Hill, CA
Brown Residence, Orinda, CA
Dychtwald Residence, Orinda, CA
Davis Residence, Orinda, CA
Stefen Residence, Orinda, CA
Lowry Residence, Orinda, CA
Nugent, Residence, Orinda, CA
Kaplan Residence, Oakland, CA
Greenholz Residence, Carmichael, CA
Moynahan Residence, Carmichael, CA