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Testimonial From Karen and Ross Werner

“We are so pleased with the home Russ Dotter and Wencke Solfjeld designed for us. From start to finish it was a real pleasure working with them. Specifically, they were:

Easy to work with:  Before we even bought the property, we asked Russ to come down and take a look at the lot and on very short notice he drove down to access the feasibility of designing a home on a lot that was 75′ wide with 20′ setbacks. The responsiveness we received before we even signed the contract continued throughout the project. Whenever we put a call into them it was always promptly returned. Russ was always able to accommodate us in scheduling meetings, usually in the evenings.

Creative:  Designing for our long, narrow lot and coming up with an interesting, attractive house was a challenge. We both liked the first design concept, and the final plans were just small refinements. They were sensitive to our budget constraints and helped us come up with cost effective solutions. They really listened carefully. Whenever we casually mentioned an die or something we wanted to have in our home, the next set of plans would incorporate this change.

The Planning Department and Architectural Site and Review Board in Woodside are notorious for being difficult to work with. Our design moved easily through the review process. Our first set of plans was unanimously approved by the ASRB. We received an unsolicited letter from our neighbor, the town mayor, saying how much he and his wife liked the plans for our home. In addition one of the members of the ASRB has since selected Russ and Wencke to design the home they are building. We continue to get compliments from people about how our home really suits the rural character that Woodside is striving to maintain.

Detailed and thorough:  Throughout the design process, Russ worked closely with the Town Planning department staff to understand the local ordinances and design requirements, both written and unwritten. This up-front effort paid off in a quick and easy trip through the design approval process.

While we thoroughly enjoyed working with our architect we had a real nightmare experience with our builder. Russ was very patient and helpful in resolving some major difficulties we encountered
in the building process. Each time there was a problem with our builder, we were grateful for the thorough set of plans and specifications that Russ had put together. While our friends building homes hired a designer in addition to an architect, Russ and Wencke helped us select tiles choices, paint colors, fixtures and even furniture layouts.

Over the course of the entire project, Russ and Wencke were always a pleasure to work with and we really enjoyed their enthusiasm and obvious love for their work.”

Karen and Ross Werner