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Testimonial From Ray Marshall

“Our house was sorely in need of a makeover – it was old, dark, and had a clumsy out-dated layout, however it had great redeeming feature, it had a great bay view that we wanted to capture that wasn’t there when the house was build in 1940.

When Dotter & Solfjeld walked in they immediately made suggestions as to how to turn our house around. Within minutes we knew this was the team to hire. Now the house is light, airy, contemporary, flows well and – captures our view very nicely!

Dotter & Solfjeld also recommended the contractors, Strand Builders. Their performance was everything that you rarely hear about – they were on time and within budget! Steve Strand gave us a flow chart of when everything would happen, what our deadlines and responsibilities were, and when they’d be finished. He even found time to add little extras that weren’t thought off for no extra cost!

I would recommend Dotter & Solfjeld to anyone considering remodeling their home.”

– Ray Marshall