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Letter of Recommendation From Brettkelly Residence Project

“Russ and Wencke “got” us immediately. We wanted a modern, light, fresh and colourful home with a Kiwi Coastal slant and that was exactly what they delivered with artistry, decisiveness, grace, speed and incredible good humour. We owned a 40’s Brady Bunch -like home in Oakland which we took back to the studs and added to. I loved every minute of working closely with them for 18 months and now they are our very good friends and our lives are richer for that. They worked seamlessly with everyone else on the project and were able to get plans passed with a minimum of fuss. They were always there when we had concerns and for the million and one decisions you have to make. Although ours is a very minimal, eclectic style, the amazing thing with this couple is that can do any style – Colonial, Spanish, Tudor, ranch, mid century, they have done them all beautifully. Anyone who hires this couple has just made their lives and project so much more fun, efficient and easier. We cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Jody Brettkelly and Kevin Coldiron